Developed by Gutter Helmet, the most trusted name in gutter protection, Micro-CS™ is engineered for commercial buildings and other applications where the use of “brackets” and “reverse curve” technology impedes installation. Micro-CS™ is the only product with a Molded Screen Louver System – engineered to draw rainwater in, while preventing debris from entering. Even in tiny particles, such as shingle grit and pollen are impermeable to the micro screen! Additionally, the Convex Screen Design readily sheds debris; this critical design feature sustains performance and keeps gutters free-flowing.

Constructed from Heavy Gauge aluminum material to maximize strength and coated with an industrial Kynar paint system to preserve the finish, Micro-CS™ meets the demand of every contractor and building owner. Proudly made in the USA, Micro-CS™ is tested to meet the highest quality of standards. When it comes to gutter protection, look to Gutter Helmet with over 25 years of ingenuity and dedication for your next job.